School Bus Safety Tips – School Bus Accident Attorneys

Children are an unpredictable bunch. Because of this, it’s important to observe certain rules when you’re in or around a school district. Once the bell rings, kids stream out of their classes and head straight for the school bus. In the morning, these same kids wait by the corner for their ride to school and can sometimes act in a manner that puts their safety in jeopardy.

It’s important to impart some safety tips to your child in order to keep them safe on the road. Here are a few practical and helpful ones:

  • Tell your child to always look left, and then right for any cars that may be out of his range of vision before crossing the road on his way to board the school bus.
  • Ask them to take 3 or 4 giant steps out from the bus’s front until they make contact with the bus driver so they can be clearly seen.
  • Advise them to use their hands and hold them up, signaling ‘stop’ while crossing the road just in case there’s no adult helping them to get to the other side
  • Teach them to obey traffic lights and always use the designated crossing spot to be on the safe side.
  • Ask them not to use their games or phones while on the road since this takes their attention from the road.

As a motorist who may share their route with numerous school buses, here are a few safety tips

  • Slow down when near any school district, and watch your speed
  • Keep your eye on the road, and don’t be tempted to use your phone, twiddle with the radio or put on your makeup while driving.
  • Stop at least 20 feet away from a bus that’s stopped or is displaying red flashing lights since this usually signifies that children are either getting on or exiting the bus
  • Help children along by waving your hand in out of the side to encourage them to stop.
  • Avoid honking at children since this will only make them frazzled and more likely to dart across the road, and potentially into fast-moving traffic.

Get Legal Help from an Experienced School Bus Accident Lawyer

School bus accidents usually happen off a bus and not on them, so it’s important for children, teachers and motorists to all do their part to keep roads safe. A child who gets into an accident will most likely suffer catastrophic and severe injuries which may need extensive surgery, rest and physical as well as psychological therapy. All this costs money, which is why it makes sense to file a car accident lawsuit. Want to know more? Please call us today at 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation.