Indiana Truck Accidents Tied To Driver Log Falsification

The trucking industry in Indiana is a cut-throat one due to the competition between companies to deliver as well as the pressure from stores to have their items reach their destinations in a timely manner. Being a truck driver requires nerves of steel, and sometimes, superhuman abilities to operate a large vehicle for long distances. That being said, human endurance has its limits, and the FMCSA, knowing this, has created rules to help truck drivers in Indiana get the rest they need before getting back on the road again.

Truck Drivers and Log Book Keeping

Truck drivers are requires to carry with them and fill in a book known as a log book. This usually details the amount of time spent on the road, departure and arrival times and any other pertinent information related to the truck’s operation. Since this book holds so much evidence, it is not uncommon for truck drivers to willfully manipulate figures contained in them just so they can drive extra miles in order to beat sometimes unreasonable deadlines.

Driver log falsification in Indiana is a huge problem. This type of cheating puts the general public in harm’s way because drivers who engage in this practice are hardly able to keep their eyes open, let alone operate a vehicle when they are so tired from not taking any breaks and lying about it by entering false values in log books.

Elusive Evidence

Driver log falsification isn’t usually apparent; it takes a trained eye to realize what’s really happening. As attorneys, we look at impeccable figures such as the same arrival and departure times, gnawing gaps in record-keeping, as well as whether or not the truck drivers record of duty is current. Another sign might be excessive mileage in relation to the amount of time spent traveling.

Indiana Car Accident Attorney Help

Driver log falsification in Indiana can have serious consequences. Fatigued and sleep-deprived truck drivers are more likely to get involved in accidents. Due to the sheer size of these trucks, the average American in a sedan or sports car will end up sustaining most of the injuries. As a result, your best bet at getting compensation which will go a long way in paying for your treatment costs will involve filing an Indiana truck accident lawsuit. Injured? Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.