Injured by an Air Compressor Explosion at a Construction Site – Start HERE First

Air compressors are commonplace in the construction industry, and they are used not only to provide power to other equipment, but they can also be used to help drills break up rock and the ground underneath in preparation for building. These are portable, useful tools that are in almost every construction site, but the danger that lurks in these equipment is something that most people do not anticipate. Compressor explosions are catastrophic events that can leave workers with severe burns, broken bones, internal organ injuries, traumatic brain injury and other life-changing injuries. It is for this reason that the government work safety body has laid down rules in the OSHA handbook about how to operate, care for and maintain construction work air compressors. This means that should an accident involving an air compressor at a construction site takes place, chances are that the negligence of one or more individuals was the proximate cause of such accidents. To this end, if you were injured at a construction site on account of a compressor explosion, you may not get the best help from your supervisor, or the appropriate compensation.  In order to make sure that all your financial needs are met after a construction work injury involving an air compressor, you may need the help of experienced construction injury lawyers, and this is where we come in.

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Here are some of the reasons why air compressors explode and injure construction workers:

  1. The accumulation of rust in the machine due to the collection of condensation within it.
  2. Poor maintenance and constant use of the compressor may wear some parts out, causing it to collapse and explode
  3. Airline puncture which is not remedied in a timely manner will later on lead to an explosion
  4. Lack of proper construction worker training on how to use the machinery
  5. The buildup of static electricity in dry climates may make it collect enough charge to explode in flames
  6. Failure to relieve the machinery of built-up pressure may cause it to explode.

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It is important to understand that workers’ compensation may not cover all your bills as well as provide you with things like lost wages and pain and suffering. As long as you suspect that someone not doing their job is what caused the air compressor explosion, you may be liable for compensation. Simply call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 and we’ll advise you on the next legal steps to take. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.