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Explosions and fires might make it to the front page news in the media due to their spectacular and shocking nature, but what most people don’t think about is the extent of injuries as well as property damage that follows shortly after. Working at a construction site or industrial zone can put you at multiple risks, with fires and explosions being a daily possibility when compared to individuals working in other industries such as blue collar workers in corporate America.

Were you injured at a construction site or industrial site after a fire or explosion? These accidents are anything but – this is because human error and negligence can be attributed to all of these accidents, making it possible to hold someone liable for these events. Don’t sign your rights away, and don’t put it down to bad luck: call our explosions injury attorney NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. The call is 100% FREE, and there’s no obligation to have us on as your attorneys should you decide to go with another law firm.

Here are some of the construction site hazards that may lead to fires and explosions:

  • Live wires not properly insulated
  • Improperly disposed of chemical drums and tanks
  • A leak in liquefied petroleum gas
  • Heavy equipment falling on a fire or explosion hazard
  • Improper storage of combustible compounds
  • Improper lighting or blasting agents and explosives

It is estimated that over 5,000 workers get injured across the country each year due to fires and explosions. In addition, OSHA has taken many employers to task over the flouting of safety laws which have led to these completely preventable accidents.

Here are some of the safety measures employees should have in place to prevent such occurrences:

  1. Have a fire protection training program in place
  2. Have a ready water supply containing sufficient pressure as a firefighting aid
  3. All firefighting equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained as needed
  4. There should be clearly marked fire exit routes
  5. Every floor should have a fire extinguisher

Employee Negligence and Fire and Explosion Injuries

In short, you are owed a certain duty of care by your employer, guaranteeing your safety while at work. Should your employer renege on this duty of care, they can be held as a negligent party should you suffer injuries and burns due to a fire or explosion at your construction site workplace. This then may qualify you for compensation so you can seek medical attention for your injuries as well as workers’ compensation and other forms of financial damages.

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Immediately after an accident such as an explosion or a fire at your workplace, move fast to safeguard your legal rights: see a doctor, call our fire injury attorneys so we can begin the process of investigations, sending out demand letters and preserving evidence, all things that will make sure that you have a valid case in the eyes of the law. Don’t know where to start? Please contact us at (773) 673-9861 for more information on how we can help you get compensated for your fire and explosion injuries. Thanks, and we look forward tom hearing from you.