Injured Home Depot Workers – Read This First

Home Depot is a well-known superstore that offers home improvement enthusiasts the opportunity to create something of their own and beautify their homes in the best way they see fit. A lot of people don’t know this, but Home Depot is also one of the largest employers in the country, with the store hiring over half a million individuals across its more than 2,000 stores across the country. Positions vary from cashier, to sales floor associate to freight associate. Home Depot stores are admittedly large, so it’s easy to get injured as a Home Depot Worker given the prevalence of the many hazards that may not be mitigated in a timely manner. As an injured Home Depot worker, it may not be in your best interests to file a claim before speaking to a Home Depot workers’ compensation attorney to learn more about your legal rights which may entitle to more substantial compensation compared to your typical, run-of-the-mill WC claim.

Are you an injured Home Depot worker looking for stellar representation so you can lock in on maximum compensation? Worker injuries at Home Depot can be unpredictable and even downright catastrophic, so you want to make sure to get as much compensation as you can to cater for past and future medical bills and procedures, time off work in the form of lost wages, as well as other non-economic damages that will help you get back on your feet in time. The Wal-Mart workers’ compensation lawyers at McCready Law would love to help you do this, and given our over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience, we’d be the best Wal-Mart injured worker law firm to have on your side. We take on all cases on contingency fee basis which means that you don’t pay us anything until we recover compensation on your behalf. To speak with an experienced Home Depot workers’ compensation attorney at NO COST to you, please call (773) 823-0298 now. Taking on all injured Home Depot workers countrywide.

Here are some of the ways in which Home Depot workers can get injured:

  • Falling from poorly maintained ladders
  • Slipping and falling on wet floors that were left that way by careless workers
  • Lifting heavy loads without proper equipment, leading to back injuries
  • Tripping and falling on carpet that has missing tacks
  • Tripping and falling on uneven sidewalks or by the parking lot

Injuries sustained by Home Depot workers include:

  1. Ankle injury
  2. Bursitis
  3. Herniated disc
  4. Concussion
  5. Abdominal hernia
  6. Back and spinal injury

Attorneys for Injured Home Depot Workers – Call Us Today!

It is vital that you seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY after your Home Depot worker injury event. This will help legitimize your claim so there are no questions as to whether or not you were truly injured. You can let your supervisor know, but do not file an incident report before speaking with us in order to preserve your legal claim. There’s so much we haven’t covered in this post, and because of this, we’d love to invite you to give us a call TODAY at (773) 823-0298 so we can discuss compensation amounts and the validity of your Home Depot worker injury legal claim. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.