Injured on a Cruise Ship? Do THIS First

The thought of going on a cruise is exciting and many can hardly wait for the day they get to board their ship. It is human nature to imagine how things will be, as well as expect only good things out of just about any experience. While cruises can be exhilarating, they can also be fraught with dangers such as getting injured due to the negligence of cruise ship crew members or poor equipment maintenance, and even getting into misadventures during offshore excursions. Cruise ship injuries may be governed by different laws depending on your location at the time of the injury, but it is important to understand that as a U.S. citizen, your rights are always protected and it is possible to file a legal claim with a U.S.-based maritime law injury attorney in order to recover compensation and seek closure, something we can help you with.

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Here are some of the things you must do shortly after getting injured on a cruise ship:

  1. Take Photos and Video of The Scene and Injuries

Evidence is the cornerstone of just about every injury claim. The more elaborate evidence you have, the better. Use your phone or ask a close colleague or witness to take footage of the event as well as your injuries as this will speak volumes and make it more likely for the insurance company too acquiesce to your settlement demand.

  1. Don’t Be Pressured to Write a Statement

The minutes and hours after your cruise ship injury will be tense and traumatic; therefore, your mind may not be as clear making it more likely for you to misinterpret events. To this end, don’t feel as if you have to give an official written or oral statement until a time when you feel that you are back to your old self and can recall the event in a calm, logical and objective manner.

  1. Seek Treatment for Your Injuries

Even if you feel OK after your cruise ship injury, you must get checked out by the resident doctor, or be airlifted or put on a boat for specialized treatment. The worst thing you can do is not seek immediate treatment even if you feel well, as this may be interpreted that you really weren’t injured and are simply looking to make a quick buck by filing a frivolous lawsuit. An objective medical report will go a long way in convincing the insurance adjuster or a Judge that you were indeed injured and the extent of your injuries.

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