Injured USPS Workers – Read This Before Applying for Compensation

Thanks to a federal law enacted back in 1916, federal workers have access to resources for compensation should they get hurt on the job. Postal workers hold one of the busiest jobs in the federal government, and they are responsible for delivering mail to over 100 million locations across the country. From sunny to freezing conditions, to heavy packages, they do it all, and most of the time, for very long hours with little to no help. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that should they get injured, they suffer debilitating health consequences that can put them out of commission, necessitating postal worker compensation.

Are you looking for a USPS injury law firm? If you work for the federal government as a postal worker or a CCA, you may be entitled to compensation if you were injured both on and off the job. All we have to show on your behalf is that your injuries are so severe that you cannot continue working without seeking proper medical assistance and getting the rest you need to heal up. If your injuries are catastrophic, or you became chronically ill to the point that returning to work is no longer realistic nor advisable, we can also help you apply for federal disability retirement. Simply pick up the phone and key in 1-855-233-3002 to speak with a friendly injured federal worker attorney to learn more about your legal options for compensation at absolutely NO COST to you.

Repetitive Motion Injuries Are Common in Postal Workers

USPS workers use their whole bodies while out working. From pulling, pushing, bending over, carrying items over their shoulders in bags to twisting, getting things over a flight of stairs and so on, USPS workers do it all. Because humans are creatures of habit, USPS carriers will tend to use the same shoulder, same movements, same muscle groups and so on. Therefore, repetitive motion injuries are commonplace in injured USPS workers who tend to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, back and rotator cuff injuries more often than federal workers in other departments.

USPS Workers and Slip and Fall Injuries

Lawyers for postal employees will also tell you about how common slip and fall injuries are in this group of federal workers: this is because most of the paths letter carriers use may be unpredictable from a week-to-week basis; a homeowner may leave their sprinklers on at maximum power, splashing the slippery sidewalk with water that the worker may not see because a package is obstructing their field of vision. In addition, common injuries for postal workers when it comes to slip and fall accidents include broken legs, ankle sprains, cuts and gashes, head trauma, broken arms, slipped discs due to the impact of the fall together with carrying a heavy item, and trapped nerve as a secondary complication of slip and fall injuries.

USPS Workers More Likely To Suffer Car Accidents

USPS letter carriers, due to the long shifts, may become overworked over time. In fact, so severe is the overwork that there have been many anecdotal reports of postal workers “going postal”, or losing it momentarily from the stress and demands of the job. The fatigue makes for a perfect storm where postal workers may become victims of car accidents especially in inclement weather or those forced to work way after sunset just to reach that day’s quota.

Attorneys for Injured Federal Employees – Call Us Today!

At McCready, Garcia & Leet, we respect and honor individuals like you who put so much into your work in order to ensure Americans get their mail and packages in a timely manner every day. While it is a job fraught with risks, with the proper training, safety protocol, sufficient rest and management style, these accidents shouldn’t happen in the frequency that they have been occurring.  USPS workers have inalienable rights, and we’re here to protect them for you. If you’ve been injured on the job as a federal employee, call 1-855-233-3002 NOW and we’ll inform you of these rights as far as compensation is concerned. Don’t wait, as the process requires that certain forms be filled and sent in within a specific time window.  Maximize your compensation as an injured USPS worker: call 1-855-233-3002 to speak with a lawyer to fight the USPS. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.