Injury Lawsuit Myths You Should Never Believe

Shows like Suits, Damages, The Practice and others have forever changed the perception of the legal profession and attorneys in the public eye. These shows are fraught with drama, intrigue and heated courtroom theatrics, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. However, given the constant barrage of these kinds of shows, the public now has a skewed perception of what it is an attorney really does, and how they handle cases.

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  1. I Don’t Need An Attorney Since My Injuries Aren’t Serious

The nature of reality is that it’s unpredictable. In the same manner, an injury that may seem like a simple scratch-up may snowball into a life-threatening, disabling injury many months or years down the line. It may also stop you from going to work as you may be unable to perform at a similar capacity. These are some of the reason why you WILL need a best injury attorney as they’ve seen thousands of cases such as yours in order to make sure that your future is covered in the case of any eventuality. In addition, you shouldn’t have to pay for ANY medical costs if it can be proven by us, your best injury attorneys, that the other party caused your accident and subsequent injuries.

  1. The At-Fault Party Won’t Be Able to Pay

An unsophisticated individual coming into personal injury law doesn’t understand that it isn’t the other party that pays you for lost wages, medical benefits, pain and suffering and other forms of economic damages. This is the responsibility of their insurance company. This should put your mind at ease, as well as cancel out any feelings of guilt over having someone else pay for your medical and miscellaneous bills.

  1. Injury Attorneys Are Expensive So I Can’t Afford Them Anyway

Injury attorneys usually work on a contingency fee basis. What does this mean? You don’t pay a single cent UNTIL your case is settled. The attorney then takes his percentage and pay from your settlement amount, which is usually 30 percent of the settlement. This means that you can see the attorney, have them draw up a demand letter on your behalf, help you with getting medical attention and other miscellaneous financial responsibilities at no cost to you for the duration of your case. Relax, and breathe – it costs nothing for a best personal injury attorney to represent you, and you only pay if they recover compensation on your behalf.

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