Insider Secrets on How To Increase Pain and Suffering Settlements

Personal injury claims in Chicago and other major cities in Illinois usually involve some type of physical pain which more often than not morphs or is compounded by emotional anguish on account of the trauma related to such an incident. From chronic pain due to broken bones, bruises, lacerations and the like, to the ever-looming risk of developing PTSD and always having to be on edge due to flashbacks one keeps having of the event, pain and suffering of this nature can take a toll and diminish one’s quality of life. To this end, the law has made it possible for individuals who were injured due to someone else’s negligence to recover compensation to alleviate some of this pain so they can resume a somewhat normal life after such an event.

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Pain and Suffering Settlement Examples

For the most part, injury claims in Illinois almost never go to trial; instead, a Chicago injury lawyer such as ours will negotiate with the other party’s insurance provider to determine how much you will get in terms of damages. It is important that you think like insurance adjusters if you want to receive an amount that is in line with your injuries and the resultant pain and suffering. Insurance adjusters divide damages into two categories: special damages and general damages. General damages usually refer to pain and suffering payouts, and they do not have a hard and fast calculation guide. On the other hand, special damages will encompass lost wages, medical bills, cost of repairing or replacing damaged property and any other related receipts in order to come up with a concrete amount.

Average Pain and Suffering Settlements – What Helps Your Case

In order to maximize your pain and suffering compensation amount, it is important to have an experienced Chicago injury lawyer by your side. We will prepare a demand letter that we will send to the insurance adjuster which will detail what you are asking for, and the rationale behind the amount. Physical pain and emotional distress, although intangible, will ultimately hinge on how persuasive you are as well as your medical evidence. Things like soft tissue injuries, with accompanying photographic evidence, whether you shared liability for the injury, and if you have a permanent disfigurement or scar will all play in your favor. In addition, where your case is tried should it go to court will play a role in how much you will receive for your pain and suffering claim, with individuals filing in areas where the venue is amenable to those injured having an upper hand.

Pain and Suffering Claim Without a Lawyer? Don’t Even Think About It!

Perhaps the most important factor in how much for pain and suffering you will receive is attorney representation. Don’t think about going it alone as you will be a sitting duck waiting to be taken advantage of by shrewd and experienced insurance adjusters who will feign sympathy to get you to admit liability, lowball you since they know you don’t know the industry and what to really ask for, and flat out deny your pain and suffering claim after making you sign a document that a best Chicago injury attorney should first look at. If you’re unsure of where to start with your pain and suffering claim, you’ve come to the right place: call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 and we’ll go over the details of your personal injury claim in Illinois. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.