Internal Injuries After A Northwest Indiana Accident


Internal injuries are insidious because they often go unnoticed until it is too late. Because of this, it is usually necessary to have a full checkup after any accident in Indiana to rule out any injuries that may lead to complications. In fact, it is not uncommon for people who may have survived accidents and look perfectly fine to pass on days or weeks later due to an undetected internal injury.

The human body holds within it a number of organs, blood vessels, nerves, bones and glands. All these parts can suffer damage in the event of blunt force trauma such as the one typically suffered by accident victims. The force with which a body hits a fast-moving or high mass object can lead to internal organ ruptures as well as blood vessel bursts that if left untreated, turn fatal.

Here are some of the most common organs affected in internal injuries:

  • The liver, the largest organ in the body is situated on your right side, just below your right lung. Due to its sheer size, it is prone to suffer damage if the trauma suffered by a person is abdominal in origin
  • The aorta is a blood vessel running from the heart to the rest of the body whose work is to supply oxygenated blood to other areas. Should the aorta suffer any kind of trauma, it can bulge out and cause what’s called an aortic aneurysm which ends up bursting and releasing massive amounts of blood to surrounding tissues.
  • The kidneys can suffer renal trauma should a person be hit from behind or on their sides.
  • The diaphragm, responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscles, can rupture if one sustains trauma to the chest area.
  • The brain can suffer a TBI (traumatic brain injury) should one’s head hit or be hit by a surface or object traveling at a high speed. This is usually due to the brain ricocheting off the skull it’s encased in. This may lead to the bursting of blood vessels, brain swelling or personality changes.

Indiana Injury Lawyer Help

All these injuries can become fatal within a short amount of time. If you’ve been injured in an Indiana accident, call EMS and go to the ER immediately. That being said, if you believe the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be able to collect money damages by filing a Northwest Indiana injury lawsuit. Please give us a call today at 877-561-3004 so we can determine whether you have a case. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.