Is Black Ice An At Fault Accident? Find Out Here

Driving during winter can be a harrowing experience, and an extra level of caution is needed in order to navigate the slippery roads as well as mitigate poor visibility. Black ice is a common cause for accidents around the country during this time, and it is a phenomenon that is so devious that many fall victim to it.

Were you injured in an auto accident due to black ice? Black ice and inclement weather is not a copout with regard to negligence if another driver caused your accident. According to the law, all motorists are required to exercise a reasonable amount of caution while driving on icy roads, failure to which they can be held liable for your accident. If your accident was due to someone else’s negligence due to not navigating black ice on our roads, you may be eligible for compensation. Please call us for your 100% FREE consultation at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about lawsuits for black ice car accidents.

What Conditions Cause Black Ice?

Black ice usually happens when sleet or rain hits the road at a temperature that is typically 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, causing it to flash freeze on impact, causing a clear glassy surface on the road tarmac, making it seem as if the  road is covered by a thin sheet of water. Because of this, many drivers underestimate the dangers of black ice, and they consequently do not slow down or take other precautions while driving on it. This makes it that more likely for the car to go on a tailspin, ramming into other vehicles on either side of the road.

How Many Accidents Are Caused By Black Ice?

Over 70,000 people are hurt every year due to snow and sleet, which encompasses black ice. Other precautions that can help motorists avoid accidents due to driving on black ice include following the car in front of them from a safe distance, making sure their lights are on, using alternate routes if their usual route is known to form black ice during particular months of the year, and examining and changing their tires to make sure that they have sufficient tread traction to stop the car from spinning out of control when it comes into contact with black ice on our roads. Last but not least, drivers should avoid using cruise control while driving as it may be difficult to react fast when their vehicle starts to spin out of control in the event it comes into contact with black ice stretches of road.

Best Black Ice Accident Attorneys – Call Us Today!

A lot of people may be tempted to think that inclement weather is the proximate cause for black ice accidents and that no one is to blame. However, according to statistics, human error is to blame in most of these accidents. By working with a black ice accident attorney, you will be able to collect witness testimony, driving records, photographic evidence from the scene and other pieces of evidence that can attribute fault to the other driver, making it possible to collect compensation for your injuries. Ready to talk to someone? If you’ve been injured due to black ice on the road through no fault of your own, we’ve got your back: simply call us TODAY at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.