Is OWCP Asking for a Second Opinion? Here’s What To Do

What a lot of injured federal w workers don’t know is the fact that even after your claim has been accepted, OWCP can at any time in the future ask that you undergo Independent Medical Exams in order to find out whether you truly need to be on benefits as an injured federal worker.  While this may sound excessive and unfair, OWCP is always on the lookout to reduce the amount of money the federal government pays out when it comes to benefits, leaving genuinely injured individuals out in the cold and suffering high anxiety.

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Second Opinion Exam – Only a Call or Email Away

OWCP can at any time ask that you attend an IME, or an Independent Medical Exam. This is ostensibly done to make sure that you are still injured and that you deserve, in good faith, the benefits that you are getting. This is also known as a Second Opinion Exam, and OWCP gets to choose their own physician to examine you. Authorization for this exam comes via your Claims Examiner or CE, and the Attending Physician or AP is supposed to write out an objective medical report after examining you to affirm whether or not you’ve recovered enough to go back to work.

Get It Right The First Time – OWCP Second Opinion

If the first physician does not meet the stringent requirements or if they find issue with the medical report, you shall be sent to an OWCP-sourced physician who will then carry out a Second Opinion Exam. This usually happens when the two physicians specialize within different fields and have differing diagnoses or differences when it comes to demonstrating causal relationship.

Legal Help for OWCP Second Opinion Requests – Call Us Now!

Requests for an IME or Second Opinion Exam are always just around the corner, regardless of your age, how long you’ve been on federal workers’ compensation and the extent of your injuries. Worried about this exam and what it may mean for your future as an injured federal employee? Whether you’re just starting out with the application process, or are re-applying after being rejected or need help with these medical procedures, please give us a call at (773) 906-4833 and we’ll provide you with complementary legal advice. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.