Is There a Difference Between a Wrongful Death and a Survival Claim

When a loved one dies suddenly, you are left with questions and regrets, and some, even guilt. Death usually comes unexpectedly, and when we least expect it. Because of this, many people struggle when it comes to finding solace and closure, especially if they suspect the actions of another individual caused said death. Wrongful death is a death that is caused by an individual or entity’s negligence causing harm to an innocent individual. It is important to note that thanks to the legal process, you have the right to file a claim that will help you recover economic and non-economic damages in order to make you and your loved ones whole again.

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Wrongful Death Claim

A lot of people don’t know this, but there is a difference between a wrongful death claim and a survival action claim. Typically, a wrongful death claim is brought forth when an individual loses their lives due to the direct actions of negligence caused by another individual or entity. This legal process is filed under a civil claim, and it allows the loved one’s survivors to file a claim for damages for things such as lost wages, funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of current and future income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and so much more.

Survival Action Claim

A survival action, however, is a claim that is filed to recover compensation or a financial reward that the deceased individual would have been entitled to had they lived due to the accident that took their life. A survival action also filed by the individual charged with the responsibility of administering or overseeing the decedent’s estate. Some of the most common damages for survival action include things like loss of gross earning power that is calculated from the injury date to their death, pain and suffering, and so on. A survival action is also typically filed when an individual survives an injury, goes on to live for a while but unfortunately loses their life later on.

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