Is Uber Liable for Its Driver’s Negligence? More Inside

Uber drivers are all over the city of Chicago and most major cities, and these individuals are subject to the same regulations and road rules as the rest of us. They do not ascribe to a different set of rules, and because of this, they must be held liable should they cause any injuries to another individual, whether inside or outside their vehicle such as in the case of a pedestrian or another driver. Liability for an Uber accident is a bit complicated in ways we’ll take a look at shortly, but it’s important to note that you are eligible for compensation as an injured individual who got hurt by an Uber driver, and we’re here to help you in this process.

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Uber Driver Legal Responsibilities

In just about all states, any individual working as an Uber driver is legally obligated to follow traffic codes.  This means keeping a safe distance between their vehicle and others, driving at a safe and reasonable speed, only making lane changes when there are no vehicles that may present a danger to do so, and obeying all traffic signage.

Uber Drivers are Distracted Most of The Time

Unfortunately and all too often, rideshare drivers drive distracted. This is because a lot of them have to physically pay attention to the GPS in order to know where they are going because more often than not, they haven’t been to the areas in which they are picking up their passengers. As a result, their distracted driving is more likely to cause accidents and consequently, injuries. Should this happen, they will be held responsible for their actions as individuals and their insurance will kick in, and the rideshare company will also be held responsible as long as the driver was actively at work as an Uber driver at the time of the accident.

Is Uber Responsible for My Accident?

Uber often tries to get out of being held responsible or liable for the actions of their drivers by stating that their drivers aren’t bona fide contractors, and that they can’t be held liable as a consequence given the fact that they only act as middlemen and a technology company to connect drivers to riders, not transportation and logistics partners. California recently challenged this by showing the courts how Uber acts like a transportation company but wants to escape responsibility for the actions of its drivers.

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