IVC Filter Injuries and Product Liability Lawsuits

An IVC filter, also known as an inferior vena cava filter is a device that has been used over the last decade or so to prevent deaths arising out of blood clots blocking arteries found in the heart and lungs. Cardiovascular complications due to blood clot formation are realities millions of Americans live in constant danger of, something that can prematurely cut short one’s life. Primarily produced and marketed by C.R Bard, Cordis Corporation and Cook Medical, these devices are recommended by doctors to patients that may be at risk of blood clot formation such as those that have recently suffered a heart attack, sedentary seniors and anyone with a past history of them.

How IVC Filters Work

IVC filters are fitted into a person’s vein around the chest area. They are fashioned in the shape of a spider’s web, and they catch any blood clot before it travels to major organs, causing a blockage and depriving them of oxygen or causing malfunction. In the beginning, they were used as temporary devices, but manufacturer lobbying made some medical professionals recommend that they be installed into a person’s body on a permanent basis.

Here are some of the most common IVC filter complications:

  • The IVC filter may dislodge from the vein and travel to another part of the body
  • The IVC filter may puncture a blood vessel or other organ
  • The IVC filter may not work as intended and fail to catch a blood clot
  • The IVC filter may fracture or disintegrate
  • The IVC filter may cause excess fluid collection around or inside the heart.

IVC Filters – Are They Effective?

IVC filter complications lead to medical emergencies which often result in surgeries that are costly and emotionally traumatizing. It is thought that the makers of IVC filters, despite receiving approval from the FDA, did not put their products under extensive testing to check on their safety. They thus failed in providing a duty of care to you the consumer and may be liable to a product liability lawsuit. Studies published by the Cardiovascular Internal Radiology Institute and JAMA both found that these devices would either tilt from their original position after installation, making them ineffective, or did not stop blood clots from causing undesirable complications in about 8 percent of people that had them.

IVC Filter Injury Lawyer

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