Killed By A Funeral Procession On Northwest Indiana Roads

Car Accidents

A funeral procession is defined as a convoy of cars made of the relatives and friends of the deceased. These convoys typically move from the funeral home on their way to the burial site or cemetery, sometimes inconveniencing other road users due to their sheer size.

Indiana Right of Way for Funeral Processions

Different states have different rules on right of way for funeral processions v/s the general public. Right of way can be defined as who, according to the law, should be allowed to pass first on our roads, and which road user should yield. In Indiana, any vehicle in a funeral procession has right of way as long as it has lighted headlights and is headed by a vehicle which displays alternating flashing lights, or is led by an emergency vehicle. In addition, you are not allowed to by law to break into a funeral procession as the law looks at it as one long vehicle.

That being said, some motorists abuse this privilege and disregard the safety of other road users, especially at intersections. Funeral processions must exercise reasonable behavior with regard to speed as well as respecting stop signs or red lights. Just because funeral processions have right of way doesn’t mean they can abuse it and act in a negligent manner.

Indiana Funeral Procession Exceptions

Funeral processions may not be apparent to everyone. Because of this, drivers are instructed to display orange stickers on their windshields, use bright lights at all times, and honk if necessary. In addition, should they encounter another motorcycle at an intersection, they should signal using their hand in addition to their car signal just to make it clear to other road users what they are about to do.

The death of a loved one as a result of the negligence of a funeral procession can be grounds for a lawsuit. This is because an innocent person lost their lives, and you as a family may have to contend with various factors such as emotional pain and suffering, the loss of a breadwinner’s earning power, loss of companionship and so much more.

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