Lawnmower Injuries In Northwest Indiana

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It’s estimated that there are about 180,000 lawnmower injuries in the U.S. each year. Almost every suburban household has one, and they depend on them to keep their lawn looking prim and clipped every other week. Lawnmower injuries are more often than not catastrophic and lead to serious, life-changing injuries such as burns, broken bones, soft tissue trauma, head fractures and so much more.

Indiana Lawnmower Injuries – Who Is at Fault?

Lawnmower injuries don’t happen out of the blue. According to personal injury law, fault can be attributed to someone else’s negligence. Accidents don’t happen in a vacuum, and human negligence is almost always at fault. The manufacturer may have rushed the product through production, or they may have failed to put out a recall notice in a timely manner. In such cases, you can file a product liability lawsuit to make them answerable to their deeds.

Riding lawnmowers are said to be responsible for most lawnmower injuries in Indiana. In addition, the moving blades exert the deadliest injuries since most of the time, they keep rotating even when power has been cut off in the event of an emergency. Due to their sharp nature, they may end up flying across a lawn or upward, leading to serious injuries such as decapitations leading to instant fatalities. In other cases, the break mechanism which may have failed leads to younger children being run over from the back when the lawnmower starts to back up in a wild and unpredictable fashion.

Here are other common causes of lawnmower accidents in Indiana :

  • Faulty breaking mechanism, which leads to an out-of-control lawnmower.
  • Sustaining shoulder, neck and back injuries due to the mower’s weight.
  • A poorly designed lawnmower overturning when going up an incline and crushing its operator
  • Limited visibility due to poor design causing accidents
  • Being dragged across the lawn by a lawnmower which suddenly accelerates on its own.

Indiana Product Liability Attorney Help

It is important to hold guilty parties responsible for your injuries, especially if you believe a product defect caused them. This is because you may be saving other people’s lives since product defects usually affect whole batches of products at a time. Please call us today at 877-561-3004 for all your Northwest Indiana lawnmower injury cases. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.