Lawyers for Baggage Handler Injuries

Life by its design carries inherent risk. Accidents do happen, and worker training is performed in order to mitigate these should they happen. Injuries to airport workers, however, more often than not are due to some form of human negligence which can be litigable under workers’ compensation laws. O’Hare Airport is one of the busiest in the world, and workers are more often than not pushed to the limit to keep up with passenger intake in order to keep the airport running smoothly at all times.

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Baggage Handlers Face Unique Challenges

It is estimated that more than 70 million individuals pass through O’Hare Airport each year. This makes the work of a baggage handler at this airport a challenge since one has to keep up with a steady volume of passengers throughout the day. Baggage handlers are responsible for checking in bags, securing them, helping to transport them to the plane so they can get loaded up, and so on. This is a profession that not only involves a lot of heavy lifting and pulling, but also repetitive motion that can, over time, wear out tendons, muscle and bone.

Baggage Handler Risks and Injuries

Baggage handlers work long shifts and are exposed to a litany of risks such as the deafening sounds of planes taking off and landing, working in freezing weather as well as unbearable heat, and watching their step many times in order to avoid spilled jet fuel and other liquids so they don’t slip and fall.

The Most Common Types of Injuries for Baggage Handlers

Airports across the country have been known to cut down their operating costs by cutting down the number of staff present at the airport at any given time. This means that baggage handlers at airports such as O’Hare Airport are overworked, making it likely for them to suffer injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are the most common types of injuries reported by these individuals according to OSHA statistics, and lower back injuries are so common that a directive was recently issued forbidding baggage handlers to do any heavy lifting.

Lawyers for Injured Baggage Handlers

Workers’ compensation has you covered as an airport worker, but more often than not, the amount provided is barely enough to cover all your financial responsibilities post injury. In order to safeguard your rights as an injured airport worker, contact us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 and we’ll help determine whether negligence played a part in your injuries, which may entitle you to a much larger payout with regard to compensation. Remember, the call is free, and we only get paid after we recover compensation on your behalf. We look forward to hearing from you.