Lawyers for Factory Dust Explosions and Fires

While it may be difficult to understand the dangers of industrial dust, it is nonetheless important to point out that this kind of dust is different than the one you find in a typical home. Industrial dust may contain chemicals that may have explosive properties when they come into contact with a flame or sparks and as such, a whole factory may go up in flames should someone for instance dispose of a cigarette butt in the wrong manner by flinging it to the floor. Combustible dust injuries can be catastrophic and multiple individuals may be involved, and this is why OSHA, the government work safety agency has made sure that employers are made aware of the dangers of this type of dust as well as outlined a plan to keep workers safe from these explosions at all times. If a combustible dust explosion event happened at your place of work, suspect negligence as well as the flouting of OSHA laws, something that makes it well within your rights to file a lawsuit to hold guilty parties accountable for their actions or failure to act.

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Dust explosions are usually witnessed in the following locations:

  1. Pesticide manufacturing plants
  2. Pharmaceutical companies
  3. Coal plants
  4. Furniture making factories
  5. Tobacco factories
  6. Manufacturing plants
  7. Recycling plants
  8. Grain silos

Dust explosions happen due to these particles accumulating a lot of positive charge as well as being exposed to high levels of oxygen and heat. Add confinement of these particles in a factory setting and you have an appreciation of how industrial dust can become so dangerous.

Lawyers for Factory Dust Explosions and Fires – Call Us NOW!

In order to prevent dust fires and explosions, supervisors as well as business owners must perform a hazard assessment and regular fire drills. They must also ensure that the environment is regularly swept or blown in order to stop dust from accumulating. Lastly, workers must be trained on the dangers of the same as well as what to do if there is a combustible dust explosion. If your employers failed to carry out any of these actions, you may be eligible for compensation under a combustible dust lawsuit. Please give us a call NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal rights for justice and compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.