Lawyers for Spectator Injuries at Chicago Sporting Events

As one of the best personal injury law firms in Chicago, we know that Chicagoans are nearly militant when it comes to their sporting events. Every weekend, stadiums and other sporting event venues fill up with raucous and excited fans, ready to see whether their team or preferred players, driver or sportsman will win once again. That being said, sporting injuries are not uncommon even in controlled environments such as these, where assumption of risk comes into play which may make it nearly impossible to file a claim as an injured spectator at a game.

Are you looking for a sports injury lawyer in Chicago or anywhere else in Illinois? Regardless of whether you signed a waiver form or were provided with notice of having your rights waived in exchange for access to a sporting event, it may still be able to file a sports injury lawsuit in Illinois. The assumption of risk legal statute isn’t written in stone, and it is open to interpretation. Please contact our best Illinois injury law firm NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation.

Assumption of Risk and Injury Claims in Chicago

Assumption of risk is a legal statute or principle that places risk on you as a spectator when attending sporting events in Illinois. The legislation states that you understand that there may be flying objects in the venue, and that is should be your responsibility to avoid said objects. This is usually implied or clearly noted at the back of most tickets. The law looks at some risks inherent to games such as football, hockey, basketball, baseball and any other game where flying objects are the norm. However, assumption of risk will not hold water in some instances.

When Assumption of Risk Doesn’t Apply – Lawyers for Sports Injuries in Chicago

For example, if the steps were so worn out that they gave way on the day you decided to go one more flight of stairs in order to get to the best seats, or if there was poor or non-existent lighting on the pathway to the restroom, or if the management turned a blind eye to having patrons being over served and thus inebriated to the point where they get involved in a Chicago car crash after the event, assumption of risk will not apply. The courts will ask that actions which cancel out assumption of risk be shown to be willful, wanton or egregious in order to be litigable, which is where we come in. it is important to work with a best Chicago injury law firm in order to have sufficient evidence collected in the run up to your court case or insurance negotiations so you have a solid case that will not leave any shadow of a doubt regarding instances of gross negligence leading up to your sporting event injury in Chicago.

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