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Anyone driving a vehicle in the state of Illinois must follow the proper protocol when making a lane change maneuver. Unfortunately, improper changing of lanes is seen all the time on our roads, leading to catastrophic accidents. A lot of drivers who may have been involved in a car accident in Illinois may wonder who is at fault in such instances, prompting them to seek the advice of a Chicago car accident attorney.

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Illinois Law On Making Proper Lane Changes

All drivers on Illinois roads have a duty of care to change lanes in a safe and legal manner. Not abiding by this duty care makes them liable for any accidents they may cause. Any road in our state which has over two lanes requires that motorists make use of a single line. If one needs to get out of their lane, they must properly signal in order to notify other drivers about their intent to make a lane change.

Here are some instances of improper lane changes in Illinois:

  • Failure to check for other cars in neighboring lanes: On top of using a signal, you must also make use of your rearview mirror to see if there is a motorist in the lane you are attempting to change to.
  • Not ensuring that there is enough distance before changing: Not checking to see if the other motorist has enough time to react, especially in cases where one is looking to make a lane change on a curve or hill is inappropriate and negligent.
  • Straddling two lanes with the aim of eventually making a lane change is negligent and illegal.
  • Making lane changes without taking into consideration adverse or inclement weather which may make it hard or impossible for other motorists to see your signal is negligent.
  • Making a lane change without turning on your signal is negligent.

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If you were a victim of a motorist who performed any of the improper lane changes listed above, it is important to hold them accountable via not only a civil suit, but a criminal suit where they may be given a traffic citation or serve time; this is because a lot of the time, careless and negligent drivers usually have a history of the same which if left unchecked may lead to other crashes in the future. Our experienced lawyers at McCready Law have assisted injured drivers in Illinois just like you in obtaining compensation for catastrophic Illinois car accident. To see if your accident is eligible for compensation, please give us a call NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to receive your free consultation into car accident lawsuits in Illinois. We look forward to hearing from you.