Little-Known Allstate Injury Settlement Negotiation Secrets

Allstate Insurance is a very visible and well known home and auto insurer. It is known for its snappy adverts as well as its presence in the media and as a large sponsor or sports and other events. Immediately after your accident, you may be tempted to call up Allstate and let them know about your injuries so that you’re paid what’s due given your timely payment of insurance premiums. You trust and believe that Allstate will do the right thing by you, and that they’ll empathize with you during this difficult time. However, the reality is the complete opposite in ways that we’ll see in this post.

Were you a victim of an accident, a slip and fall, work injury, or were injured by a defective product or during a medical procedure? We’d love to help you get compensated to the fullest extent. Before you speak with an Allstate insurance adjuster, call us at (773) 823-0298 so we can help with the negotiation process. It is important to note that Allstate likes to play hardball, and will settle for the lowest possible amount given their propensity to put the bottom line above everything else. Call McCready Law NOW at (773) 823-0298 for more information on how we can help you get maximum compensation after suffering an injury.

Allstate was originally found in 1931, and it has since its inception grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the top insurance companies in the country. It is frequently featured in the Fortune 500 list, and it brings in close to $3 billion dollars each year in net profit.

How Much Does Allstate Pay Settlement?

Allstate’s tag-line – you’re in good hands – couldn’t be father from the truth given the way the company treats you when you’re injured and contact them to help with things like medical bills and other urgent bills. Allstate has been christened “Allstate Allsnake” online, and hundreds of individuals have taken to the internet to lambast the insurance giant due to its poor treatment of customers and their unfair insurance settlements that don’t even cover half of an injured person’s medical bills.

How Does Allstate Determine a Settlement Offer?

Allstate puts all claimant information into a database that runs software whose job it is to compare your claim against thousands of others in order to determine what constitutes a fair settlement in their eyes. This software doesn’t take into account the unique nature of each accident as well as future ramifications and other unforeseen eventualities. In short, you’re treated like any other number, and you get served what you deserve. The computer used in these calculations is called the Colossus computer system. Colossus has been in use since the 1990’s, but what’s interesting to note is that it doesn’t take liability into account, or who was at fault and the degree to which they were at fault. This imperfect calculation can rob you of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars which you would have gotten had you sought the services of an experienced injury attorney.

Need Help With Allstate Settlement Offers? Call Us Today!

Allstate Insurance adjusters are hired to keep your settlement as low as possible, while they rake in the profits from premiums. The only way you’ll be able to beat Allstate at their game is if you work with an experienced law firm that has handled Allstate claims. We’d like to invite you to give us a call so we can take the load off your back during this difficult time. For your FREE legal consultation into how to deal with Allstate insurance adjusters, please contact us at (773) 823-0298. We look forward to hearing from you.