Little Known Reasons Why Your Injury Lawsuit is Taking Forever

If you watch personal injury ads on TV every evening, you’d be forgiven if you believed that personal injury lawsuits are settled in just a few days of receipt – after all, this is what many TV injury ads seem to promise. However, the truth is anything but, and for the most part, we see a lot of clients come to us with cases and expect them to get resolved in a few short weeks. However, as we’ll see in this article, these cases take a little longer, and the reasons listed will make perfect sense at the end of this post.

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Insurance Companies Balk At The Thought of Paying Up

One of the main reasons why injury lawsuits take long to settle is because large amounts of money are at stake. Insurance companies dread making payouts despite their industry being one of the most profitable ones in the world. The waiting game can exhaust and wear down some people, and insurance companies play it very well, all the while attacking various aspects of your case as well as your credibility in an effort to get you to break and accept a low-ball offer. In addition, prolonging the case gives them time to collect evidence that may be damning which can then be used to poke holes in your case. Let us handle the insurance company and beat them at their own game; our vast experience makes it easy to anticipate their moves and beat them every single time.

Maximum Medical Improvement in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Another reason why your injury lawsuit is taking so long is the fact that you have to reach Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI so we can have an approximate idea of what we should ask for on your behalf as compensation. Maximum Medical Improvement can be defined as a medical state where it is anticipated that you will not experience further improvement in your health or injuries as stated by a doctor. By this point, we’ll have a realistic prognosis, and if you suffered permanent injuries, we’ll be able to ask for maximum benefits on your behalf. Maximum Medical Improvement varies from one person to the next, and a few weeks to a couple years are a realistic timeline.

Discovery Process May Extend Your Injury Claim

Another reason why your personal injury lawsuit settlement is taking so long is the initiation of the discovery process. This is an aspect of litigation where we’ll serve the defendant with a complaint and summons before exchanging information with the other party, which may include depositions, request for medical exams and records, and so on. Discovery is known to take many months to up to a year or more, so patience is key if you’re going to get compensated appropriately.

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