Lower Extremities Injuries and Federal Workers’ Compensation

The lower extremities refers to your back as well as organs and joints that make up anything that’s south of your body. You typically use this section of your body to move around, pick up and carry items, as well as bend in order to reach items that aren’t within your field of vision. Should you suffer an injury in this area, you may become incapacitated, unable to move around, require surgery, or may even have to go into early retirement.

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Here are some of the injuries commonly seen in federal workers touching on the lower extremities:

  1. Knee injuries, caused by a torn cartilage, meniscus or ligament can lead to you being out of work as you wait for surgery or physical therapy in order to give your body a chance to heal. These types of injuries are mostly seen in federal workers who are mobile and always on the move such as letter carriers.
  2. Nerve injuries and sciatica. This is caused by an impingement of a major nerve that runs down your spinal cord, through muscles and down to your left and right leg. When this nerve is caught between muscles. It can become inflamed and irritated, making it painful just to move around. This can be caused by long periods of immobility such as is seen by federal office workers that have to sit down for long hours, in front of a computer.
  3. Ankle injuries happen when one puts too much pressure on the ankles in the line of duty. This is common in federal jobs that require you to move around a lot, be in combat situations where your body is situated in awkward positions, or a federal position where you are responsible for loading and offloading cargo. Ankle injuries can be debilitating, requiring surgery, the administration of painkillers as well as plenty of rest.

Medical Intervention for Injured Federal Workers

When one part of the body is injured, it mind places extra strain on the working part of the body which can in turn cause a consequential injury. This is commonly seen when one leg is injured, causing a person to shift all of his or her weight on the other leg. All these injuries are compensable under federal workers’ compensation as long as they occurred while performing work duties. If you have reached maximum medical improvement even after receiving every possible form of medical intervention, it may be time to look into federal retirement compensation.

Legal Help and Compensation for Injured Federal Workers

We’re here to help make sure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve after giving so much to the federal government. Going it alone, or hiring an inexperienced law firm is a recipe for disaster which may see your claim being denied or getting a measly amount which will barely take care of your ongoing medical treatment. Please call us today on 1-855-233-3002 for your free and confidential consultation into these kinds of cases so you can benefit from our years of combined experience. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.