Mail Carrier Injuries – Read This Before Applying for Compensation

Online shopping shows no signs of letting up, so letter carriers working for the federal government have to contend with heavy packages and longer shifts with each passing year. If you’re a letter carrier assigned a specific route and have worked this job for years, you know how physically taxing it can be to lug packages from one home to the next, and even have to sort through them, bending over in your van to pick up packages that are not only heavy, but hazardous given the fact that the packaging more often than not contains little in the way of handling instructions. As a result, letter carrier injuries are on the rise, and more and more injured postal workers find themselves having to apply for compensation so they can have their injuries taken care of as well as receive schedule award for the time that they are off work.

Are you an injured letter carrier wondering where to start when it comes to compensation? If you were injured on the job and are looking for timely legal assistance on the next steps to take, feel free to call us NOW at 1-855-233-3002. The federal workers’ compensation attorneys at McCready, Garcia & Leet have for over two decades helped hundreds of individuals get approved for injured postal worker compensation and we’d love to put our experience and resources to work for you. If you’d like to speak with one of our postal worker lawyers for FREE, simply call 1-855-233-3002 so you can receive complimentary information on how we can help you qualify for maximum compensation as an injured federal worker.

Here are some of the most common postal worker injuries:

  • Torn rotator cuff due to carrying a sling bag full of mail and packages
  • Knee injuries due to having to bend and pick up packages off your truck’s floor
  • Dog bites from hostile canines while delivering packages that may be poorly trained
  • Falls due to uneven sidewalk pavements or obstacles, or water and mud puddles
  • Vehicular accidents due to overwork leading to fatigue
  • Repetitive motion injuries such as hand arthritis from sorting through large mail volumes

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Letter carrier injuries must be dealt with immediately. Remember, thanks to legislation instituted by FECA, you are eligible for compensation which will take care of your medical needs as well as pay you for days spent off work (this can be up to 45 days from the injury date), so not seeking help or informing your supervisor may make it difficult for you to qualify at a later date due to the fact that the injury may, at a later date, be pegged on age-related health circumstances, or not sufficiently disabling to require compensation. If you’d like more information on USPS on the job injury as well as how the compensation percentages and system works, simply call 1-855-233-3002 and speak with a postal worker injury attorney to learn more about your legal options for compensation.