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Whether medically or recreationally, marijuana use has been on the increase as more states pass legislation making partaking in this mind-altering drug legal. Marijuana undoubtedly has positive effects when it comes to the alleviation of pain; that being said, it is still considered a narcotic and a plant that has the potential to cause altered mind states which may make it difficult to operate a vehicle in a responsible manner.

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Marijuana Most Common Substance In Auto Accidents

According to statistics, marijuana is the most common drug detected in the blood of car accident perpetrators, more than any other substance. This makes it reasonable to conclude that a lot of these accidents could not have happened had these drivers not partaken in the consumption of this compound. In addition, due to the laid-back manner that society views this once-controlled substance, more people are more likely to not empathize with people who cause accidents while under the influence of this drug, but they are more likely than not to make excuses for them since they also partake in said drug.

Marijuana Impairment and How It Causes Car Accidents

Marijuana and driving don’t go together because this is a substance that impairs a person’s reaction time, judgment, perception, memory and motor coordination. The compound responsible for these cognitive and movement is  THC, a cannabinoid that has been shown to have potent mind altering properties. Given the long half-life of marijuana however, it may be difficult to point out if the driver was smoking while driving, smoked before they got on the road, or smoked a day or a week earlier. The truth is that law enforcement still doesn’t have the technology to check, in the way they can check for blood alcohol content, the level of THC in the bloodstream.

What To Do If Injured in a Marijuana Auto Accident

Having said that, if you suspect that the driver that caused your injuries on the road was high, there are things you can do to safeguard your rights. Document the crash using photographic evidence minutes after the crash, call 911 so that a police officer is sent to the scene, have an ambulance sent over, and take down the other driver’s license plate and insurance information. While doing this, please desist from making any accusations or speaking with insurance company agents as this may in some cases negatively affect the outcome of your marijuana car accident lawsuit.

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