McCready, Garcia & Leet Reviews Feb. 2017

We are proud of the work we do for clients.  Some clients are kind enough to write on-line reviews.  Others fill out a written survey when we resolve their case.  We feel it is important for potential clients to read our reviews from our many satisfied clients.  Below are examples of recent reviews our office has received:

“My attorney was very understandable.  I did not expect the great settlement.”  Patricia Anderson

“I picked your firm because you understood what I was going through.”  Merline Shaw

“You always returned client calls and your office staff is very nice and everything was always explained.”  Jessica Gonzalez

“Communication with me was excellent.  The firm was recommended by a friend.”  Shauna Hughes

“Everything was great.  No suggestions for improvements.”  Ashanti Randolph

“I was referred by a friend and feel comfortable recommending you to friends and family.”  Ronald Smith

“I picked your firm because you were local and did not charge an upfront fee.”  Jennifer Harrison

Excellent impression of my lawyer.”  Janice Robinson Malone

Thanks for all the kind words.  At McCreadyLaw, we don’t say we get results, we prove it!

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