McCready, Garcia & Leet Reviews May 2017

We are proud of the work we do for clients.  Some clients are kind enough to write on-line reviews.  Others fill out a written survey when we resolve their case.  We feel it is important for potential clients to read our reviews from our many satisfied clients.  Below are examples of recent reviews our office has received:

“I loved the frequent communication!  I always knew what was going on during my case.”  Brittany Kelly

“Earned your attorney fee.”  Karen Richards

“Always fast response to my phone calls.”  Brian Hamilton

“I was referred by my grandfather.  Everything was excellent.  I’m well satisfied, definitely will refer to friends, associates and family.”  Michael Yancy

“I chose this firm because they are the best at what they do.”  Cordero Whitfield

“Keep up the good work!”  Eduardo Zamora

“A wise friend of mine referred this law office to me and I am comfortable recommending friends and family to them.”  Amber McKnight

“For many years, your law firm has handled my legal needs.  Thank you.  I will continue to refer my friends to a law firm which works for you.”  John Stewart, Jr.

“I was recommended to the firm.  No suggestions for improvement.”  Yvonne Leach

“My mother chose the law office of McCready, Garcia & Leet which was the best choice for me.”  Latriena Ross

I chose to work with McCready, Garcia & Leet because of their professionalism.”  Valerie Tuggle

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Thanks for all the kind words.  At McCreadyLaw, we don’t say we get results, we prove it!