MDL Vs Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amounts? Which Is Better?

Watch TV any time of the day and you’ll be inundated with ads that feature recalls as well as requests to join class action lawsuits if you used a certain product. While it’s great to have so many choices when it comes to seeking justice, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of class action lawsuits available to you, the aggrieved consumer, so you’re able to make an informed decision to help you get maximum compensation with the least amount of hassle if you were harmed by a product or service that was mass produced.

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Should You Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits are well-known but not many fully understand them. Class action lawsuits bring together individuals who were injured by a similar product or service in a similar manner, and a judge looks at the arguments presented by both sides of the legal fence before providing a judgment. These cases tend to be straightforward, and the settlement is equally distributed amongst all plaintiffs.

Multi-District Litigation – What Exactly Is It?

Multi-district litigation, however, refers to a type of class action lawsuit that is not heard at a central court. This means that cases are divided and heard in each judicial district depending on where you, the plaintiff are from. MDL’s as they are more commonly known, are overseen by a select group of attorneys known as the plaintiffs’ steering committee, or PSC, which is appointed by a judge.

Is Multi-District Litigation Better?

MDL’s aren’t as cut-and-dry as class action lawsuits, and they can take many years to be heard and plaintiff compensation. This is because each case is heard on an individual basis on account of the special circumstances that surround each suit. However, there is a potential to recover a much larger payout when it comes to MDL’s, and bellwether jury trials tend to set the tone when it comes to the average settlement amount for each case.

MDL’s also make it possible for you to retain an attorney, whereby a class action lawsuit is overseen by a central figure or even one law firm. This gives you some leg room with regard to settlement negotiation, and your case, depending on the damages, will be appropriately compensated.

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