MMI For Injured USPS Workers – What Comes Next?

As an injured postal worker, you may have questions about what happens after your injuries reach a point where no further healing is expected to take place. Maximum Medical Improvement is the term given to this phenomenon, and it is determined by your physician after which your case may be examined by OWCP and the appropriate action taken.

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MMI USPS OWCP – A Short Definition

Put simply, OWCP MMI refers to a locus where you are not expected to make any further improvements in your health journey even if you were to receive additional rehabilitation and/or medical treatment. Basically, it refers to the permanent stabilization of your health condition, and your current point with regard to your health is as good as it’s going to get.

It is important to note that nobody but a physician can make the assessment to determine MMI. However, you may have the choice to have this assessment done by an independent medical examiner versed in OWCP treatment regulations.

MMI Impairment Rating

Maximum Medical Improvement comes with an impairment rating as well as a diagnosis or either partial or permanent disability. After this, you may be assigned a desk job or a position that does not compromise your wellbeing if it is available within the Federal government, within the same work area as well as the same pay grade.

Injured USPS Workers – Don’t Stop Your Treatment

As an injured USPS worker, do not attempt to stop treatment for your injury or occupational disease because doing so may result in getting your USPS workers’ compensation benefits axed. Remember, just because you’ve reached MMI does not mean that your condition won’t get worse in the future nor in the line of duty should you decide to return to work.

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