Most Uber Accidents are Caused By Distracted Driving – More Inside

Uber and other rideshare companies have become ubiquitous in Chicago and other major cities around the country, providing consumers with a selection of options they can use to get from place to place in a convenient manner. While rideshare services show no sign of slowing down, the lack of effective and strict regulation and the failure to carry out extensive background checks by these companies has meant that Mr. Joe Public has had to contend with unsavory characters posing as professional rideshare drivers. Distracted driving is one of the biggest killers on our roads, and it has been seen that just looking down at your phone for a short 3 seconds has the potential to cause an accident. Distracted driving is a no-no, and it can be illegal in some states to operate a Smartphone or any other form of communication device as this puts other vehicle owners at risk.

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Multitasking is a phenomenon that refers to carrying out more than one activity at the same time. While this is often said to be the domain of the fairer sex, many individuals try to multitask as they drive, putting others at danger. While driving, your attention should be undivided due to the many changing variables seen on the road. Multitasking has no place on the road, and whatever you think is so important can wait.

Why Is Multitasking on the Road Dangerous?

It is thought that multitasking is as dangerous as driving while drunk because both activities disengage one’s critical faculties, attention as well as hinder one’s ability to react in a fast manner should there be any need to do so, such as in the case of a near-miss head-on-collision.

Here are the most common types of driver distractions:

  1. Cognitive distractions – This involves thinking about something else while on the road and behind the wheel
  2. Visual distractions – This involves a thing or event that makes the driver take their eyes off the road ahead and instead focus on said event
  3. Manual distraction – This is anything that motivates a driver to take their hands off the steering wheel

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It is important to understand that Uber drivers are legally bound to you by a principle called duty of care. This simply refers to a certain responsibility they are held to in order to keep you safe at all times while they are serving you as their client. Failure to do so leading to an accident due to their negligence is grounds for an Uber distracted driving accident lawsuit. There’s so much we haven’t discussed in this article, and it’s because of this that we’d love to invite you to give us a call at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.