Myths About Federal Workers’ Compensation

There are a lot of misconceptions about federal workers’ compensation. Many injured workers choose to listen to anecdotal accounts of what to do and expect, giving them an inaccurate picture of the whole process. Federal workers’ compensation claims are handled by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Workers’ Compensation Program.

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Myth 1: I can make an injury claim any time, even when my injuries have healed

It’s important to take these cases as ticking time bombs. The OWCP requires that you file within 30 days of your injury or death (this is done by the deceased’s immediate family). This is usually done by your employing agency. This is done to preserve the validity of your case. That being said, the statute of limitations within which you must recover compensation is 3 years from your injury or death.

Myth 2: My Injuries Entitle Me to a Payout

Just because you were injured doesn’t mean that you’ll be compensation. First, you must get a clear diagnosis from your doctor, and the claim’s examiner must verify that the event causing your injury actually occurred. In addition, it must be proven that your injuries were a direct result of this event.

Myth 3: I Can File a Claim As Long as I’m a Federal Employee

Federal workers’ compensation usually deals with injuries sustained at the job. This means that in order for you to have a valid claim, you must have gotten injured while performing your duties. If you broke your hand while going down the stairs at your home, you cannot file as this is outside the scope of your work responsibilities.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help

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