Negligent Hiring and Supervision – Chicago Injury Lawyers

It is possible to hold an employer accountable for the negligent actions of their employees if said actions result in an injury. As one of Chicago best injury attorneys, we’ve encountered cases where negligent hiring and subsequent supervision have lead employees making sometimes fatal mistakes leading to the loss of life. Typically, well-trained and sufficiently qualified individuals will not make such mistakes because of the numbers of hours  of training and supervision they have had to gone through in order to be considered competent in their field.

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Employee Negligence – Chicago Personal Injury

Should an employer hire an individual, who is unfit for a task, and this unfitness results in someone else getting injured, the employer is answerable to the law by way of a personal injury claim in Chicago. That being said, the law usually accords the following circumstances when it looks at liability – the employer knew or should have known that the employee was not a good fit or competent for the job. Typically, actual knowledge of incompetence is something that is rare, so one usually looks into whether there was negligence during the hiring process which could have led to the employer hiring someone incompetent, with examples of negligence here being for example making an unreasonable determination regarding the competence of the employee, or improper screening of the same.

Negligent Training – Illinois Personal Injury Claims

It is common for employers to hire people who may be diamonds in the rough; that is to say, they may need a bit of training in order to make them ready to carry out work duties. The training should not only be thorough, but it should also be done by qualified individuals. Failure to provide proper training or any training at all leading to, for example, an untrained or poorly trained truck driver causing an accident will lead to a legal claim against the employer.

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Holding employers in Chicago for the negligent actions of their employees is made possible by legal statutes such as vicarious liability as well as respondeat superior. If you were hurt by the negligent actions of an employee in any business establishment in Illinois, we can help. Call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for more information on your legal options for compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.