How Can I Obtain Traffic Camera Video of My Car Accident?

We live in a nation that is criss-crossed by surveillance cameras. This may seem like an affront to our personal security, but it is a necessary evil. Store owners mount cameras outside their shops, traffic cameras help law enforcement catch traffic rule breakers, and news outlets install cameras at intersections in order to catch action in real time as it happens. In order to prove that someone else was responsible for your auto accident, traffic footage may be needed. That being said, just because footage exists doesn’t mean that you are entitled to it.

Traffic Cameras are Vital in Car Accident Cases

Traffic cameras as well as any cameras around the scene of an accident usually catch the action in real time. However, it is important to go through the right channels if you want to get a hold of this footage. For example, if you want to access footage from a camera that belongs to a local shop near the side of the road where your accident happened, you should speak present the manager with a court order or subpoena just so you can get adequate footage and won’t run into resistance or complications.

In the case of traffic cameras, you may have to reach out to various public and private agencies. In the case of public agencies, you may have to deal with the municipal government that needs to be reached out to by way of a formal letter which will include details such as the exact date and time of the accident and the reason why you need this footage. In order to make sure that footage isn’t deleted, file this request within 10 days of your accident.

Need Help Retrieving Camera Footage of Your Accident?

Traffic camera footage may be the only thing that will stand between you and winning a car accident lawsuit. The footage will prove in a definitive manner that the actions of the other driver were solely to blame for the accident which occurred, eliminating hearsay or conflicting witness testimony. There is a lot of red tape when it comes to getting this footage, so we’d like to advise you to let us help you source it on your behalf as well as take on your case and try it to completion.

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