Overexertion in Injured Federal Workers – Do I Have a Claim?

When many people think about work injuries, their minds automatically go to dramatic injuries such as explosions, fires, falls from heights or getting impinged between two objects such as in the case of factory workers. However, according to statistics, the most common injuries associated with a work environment are usually attributed to overexertion and bodily reaction. A series of repetitive actions when performed for a long period of time, day in and day out, will eventually lead to injuries that can be hard to bounce back from.

Are you an injured federal worker thinking about filing for federal workers’ compensation? If you’ve been injured due to overexertion and bodily reaction and can definitively and objectively prove this via a medical exam, you may be eligible for compensation as long as it can be demonstrated that these federal worker injuries occurred during the performance of work duties. We’ve helped hundreds of injured workers such as yourself get schedule award or continuation of pay benefits. Don’t wait to be rejected, and don’t be part of over the 96 percent of injured postal or other federal workers that gets denied for compensation. Please call us NOW at (773) 823-0298 to receive your FREE legal call into OWCP compensation and so much more.

Overexertion and OWCP Compensation

Overexertion is a fancy term that refers to exceeding your body’s capacity when it comes to strength while carrying, pushing or lifting objects, as well as doing the same actions at work on a daily basis over a long period of time. This usually puts strain on tendons, muscles, ligaments and overworks them to capacity, slowly weakening them and making it possible for them to break or snap due to wear and tear.

Overexertion and Injured Federal Workers

Overexertion is the number 1 cause of injuries at the workplace according to data released by the Bureau of Labor statistics. Many employers, even within the federal government are of the opinion that overexertion injuries will happen anyway sooner or later, so there’s nothing they can do about it. However, this is an incorrect stance to take as having workers take regular breaks, purchasing ergonomic office equipment, letting federal workers know when to suspect overexertion and what they can do to mitigate it can all go a long way in preventing these injuries from occurring.

USPS Worker Injuries – How Do I Get Compensated?

Due to the nature of their work, USPS workers are more likely to suffer from overexertion injuries because of the lifting, pulling, holding, bending, kneeling, climbing and carrying they do all day. That said, office workers in the various federal agencies aren’t safe as typing, using a mouse or texting all day can lead to overexertion injuries as well. Once you sustain an injury, it is important to inform your supervisor immediately and file for continuation of pay as soon as is possible. About 30 days into your COP benefits, file a CA-17 to receive medical benefits, and if you’re still unable to return to work, a schedule award may be in order.

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