OWCP Accepting Your Claim

Our law firm, McCready, Garcia and Leet, as a public service, describes the regulations that implement the federal workers’ compensation law (FECA). This article discusses how to present to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) evidence justifying your claim.

 How does the OWCP decide whether or not to accept my claim?

•             First, the OCWP gathers the evidence you, your employer and its investigators obtained. (§10.125)

•             Second, the OWCP reaches a decision concerning whether or not to accept your claim by applying the law, regulations, procedures, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board decisions and other administrative rulings to the facts it obtained.
•             The OWCP’s decisions contain statements of the facts of your case as they see it, and the report then states the reasons the OWCP ruled as it did. ((§10.126)
•             The decision also describes your appeals rights should you disagree with the OWCP’s decision.

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