OWCP Claims for Hearing Loss

We really don’t think about our ability to hear until something happens to it. As a federal worker, you may be exposed to constant noise on account of the nature of your work. Over time, this takes a toll on the sensitive structures in your middle and inner ear, leading to progressive hearing loss. This is something that may impact the quality of your life, and in some cases, cause you to leave a job you may have been stationed at for years, if not decades.

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OWCP Hearing Loss Requirements

In order to file a successful hearing loss claim, you must first let your supervisor know about your condition. This will lead to the preparation of forms CA-1, CA-2 and CA-7, depending on the nature of your hearing loss. You as the employee will be required to provide vital information such as your employment history, job title, history of previous hearing or ear problems, any recreational activities or hobbies that may have exposed you to loud noises, your last exposure date, a medical report, and the date you first noticed your hearing loss.

Your employing agency, on the other hand, will provide OWCP with information such as locations of job sites where potential noise exposure may be deemed higher than normal, period of exposure in terms of hours, days, or weeks, Db and Hz levels for each site you worked at, and comments on any and all of your statements in your forms.

Is it Too Late to File an OWCP Claim?

A lot of people may state that they let their agency in on their hearing loss many years back but nothing was done to remedy the situation. In such cases, if you’re faced continual exposure to the noise, you may still be eligible for compensation as long as you were a federal worker during that time, the noise exposure interfered with duty performance, and that there is a causal relationship between your employment and the hearing loss issue.

Medical Requirements for Federal Hearing Loss Claims

When it comes to medical concerns, you must be seen by a state-licensed audiologist, as well as an otologist. Medical professionals must also perform audiometric testing according to OWCP standards. With regard to the medical report requirements, it must clearly lay out the date and hour of examination, injury history, the physician’s rationalized medical opinion showing a causal relationship between your hearing loss and nature of employment, as well as calibration certification.

Legal Help for Federal Workers’ Compensation Cases

All these processes are complicated, and making a mistake can cost you valuable time. If you need help to expedite the process, you’ve come to the right place. Simply call us today on 1-877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation into all things federal workers’ compensation. Thanks for choosing us.