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It’s often said that good and bad things happen in pairs or threes. Therefore, it is not surprising when we hear about consequential injuries suffered by federal workers who may or may not be on compensation for their injuries. Consequential injuries complicate an ordinarily dicey situation and can lead to the recurrence of chronic pain and increased disability, necessitating the review of a federal workers’ compensation claim.

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OWCP Consequential Injury Definition

A consequential injury refers to a secondary injury or health complication that directly arose out of a primary condition. A good example is leg pain and immobility due to a broken hip due to slipping and falling at work as a federal worker. These types of injuries compound an already traumatic injury and may need fresh medical care and in some cases, specialist diagnosis and treatment in order for you to be made whole again.

Compensation for OWCP Consequential Injury

In order to recover compensation for a consequential injury as an injured federal worker, you must file form CA-2, duly filled which is notice of injury, occupational disease and claim or request for compensation. When it comes to this kind of claim, substantive objective medical evidence is what a claims examiner will need to see in order to approve your claim for compensation. Together with filing this form, don’t forget to fill in and send form EE-1/2 as well as a written statement which will need to be OK’d by your federal workers’ compensation attorney detailing the nature of the consequential condition.

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