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Due to the unpredictable nature of life, anything can happen at any time, including death. When you receive that call that your loved one died on the job due to an injury while working as a federal worker, you may start to panic after the shock dissipates. If you have young children and people that you take care of, you may begin to wonder about your financial future going forward. Thankfully, OWCP law has you covered as a surviving spouse of a federal worker that lost their life while working for the federal government.

Are you looking to apply for survivor benefits as the spouse of an individual that died at work as a federal worker? We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get the compensation they deserve as well as fill in all their forms in a timely manner and point them to the right specialists to ensure their claim is accepted. Please call our best federal workers’ compensation attorneys NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation as the surviving member of a federal worker that lost their life while working for the federal government.

OWCP Survivor Benefits – How Much Will I Receive?

As a rule of thumb, you as the surviving spouse of a federal worker will receive 50 percent of their salary at their time of death. However, this figure can go all the way up to 75 percent if you have dependents such as children.

If you’re under the age of 55 and are single, you will receive OWCP survivor benefits for life. However, should you get remarried, these benefits will stop. If your children are still in school, they will continue to receive OWCP survivor benefits until they turn 18, or until 23 as long as they are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate study program.

Here are some of the other death gratuity benefits you will receive from OWCP

  • $800 for funeral and burial costs
  • $10,000 gratuity payment
  • $200 for federal employee termination costs
  • $100,000 death gratuity payment for individuals who have died in combat

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