OWCP Referee Selection Process – Important Info for Injured Federal Workers

A referee exam, also known as a second opinion exam, typically does not bode well for injured federal workers. OWCP, ever the penny pinching government agency, will try to kick people out of federal workers’ compensation as well as deny valid claims just because they believe that some of these individuals do not deserve to be on compensation in the first place. In addition, OWCP claims officers are usually inundated by claims that they do whatever it takes to whittle them down so as to have a lighter, and in their eyes, “deserving” case load.

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OWCP Referee Exam – How It Works

A referee exam is usually carried out by OWCP when there is a difference in opinion between two medical professionals regarding the nature and extent of your traumatic injuries. These two physicians may have a rationale as to why they gave you different diagnoses, prognoses and treatment options, but OWCP will want an objective medical report, thereby appointing a third party, often called a referee.

Here are the requirements expected of OWCP in selecting a referee:

  1. They cannot be previously contracted doctors that have worked for OWCP
  2. They cannot be doctors who are or were attached to any federal agency now or in the past
  3. They must not have seen you in any way as a physician or had contact with you

A computerized system is responsible for picking this OWCP medical referee, with your ZIP code entered as part of the selection process. After the computer finishes the selection process, the first 5 doctors are chosen, and OWCP calls them to determine if they would be available for the referee process. However, it has recently been revealed that this process isn’t actually random, and that OWCP keeps a list of doctors that they consult to be referees on a regular basis.

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