OWCP Scare Tactics – What To Do

Federal workers’ compensation is a game of intimidation, a lot of waiting, as well as frustration. The personnel that man this federal service are usually adversarial and wield their power over claimants, threatening to cut off their benefits at the slightest sign of non-compliance. A lot of federal employees give their all to their jobs, believing that the government has their back should anything happen to them until a time when they suffer an injury. Shortly after, they wake up to a nightmare world where nothing seems easy, and everything is mired in standard operating procedure and administrative jargon.

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Agency Won’t Help

If you’re thinking of approaching your agency on account of your injury in order to get assistance in getting the claims process started, get yourself ready for lies and half-truths. Your agency, more often than not, will not be on your side for several reasons. Replacing productive labor isn’t easy for them, and most supervisors simply don’t care for perceived fraudsters (this would include you in their eyes) who they think are just trying to game the system in order to qualify for federal workers’ compensation. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you need a federal workers’ compensation attorney who understands the process and will use the law to get your agency to comply.

Difficult and Unreasonable Claims Examiner

Next, your claims examiner is probably going to make your life a living hell from the get-go. This is why you need to document everything as meticulously as possible. This may mean recording telephone conversations and then creating reports once you’ve hung up, confirming every last report coming from them in your file and checking for inaccuracies, and not folding to any of their threats. It is very important to remain unemotional during communications with your claims examiner, and comply with their requests should they sound reasonable. If the worst comes to the worst, you’ll have factual and objective evidence that their rulings and decisions were unreasonable and unfair, making it more likely for any of their decisions to be reversed.

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