OWCP Third Party Settlement Secrets

A third party claim as it irelates to federal worker’s compensation refers to a claim where an agency that isn’t the federal government was responsible for your injuries. As a rule of thumb, you become automatically eligible for compensation if you work in braches such as the Postal Service as long as you can show a causal relationship between your injuries and the performance of a work-related duty.

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Third Party Claims Process

OWCP defines a third party as any entity, whether commercial or individual, not connect to the U.S. Government. You are, under the law, allowed to start the process of serving a third party with notice to sue in order to collect compensation. You will be required to fill in forms CA-1 and CA-2 and then forward it to OWCP for consideration. It is important to note that should you refuse to start legal proceedings against a third party, you may not receive compensation for your injuries from the Department of Labor.

In order to collect compensation, your case shouldn’t involve any of the following:

  • The third party should not be a common carrier
  • The injury results in the death of said employee
  • There ought not to be product liability of malpractice involved
  • The injuries ought not to have happened outside the U.S. or Canada
  • The injuries ought not to have been sustained by more than one employee

Here are some of the most common types of third party injuries:

  1. Animal attacks
  2. Defective equipment, automobiles and machinery
  3. Slipping and falling on steps and sidewalks
  4. Car accidents
  5. Physical assaults

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