Parking Lot Accident Guide – Read This Before Filing a Claim

It is estimated that there are over 500,000 parking lot accidents in the country each year. Of these, 60,000 injuries occur, and 500 individuals lose their lives. A recent study by a top insurance brokerage firm showed that 20 percent of all accidents happen in parking lots. That being said, these statistics do not put into account things such as property damage which may add up to an astronomical amount and lead to a substantial economic burden. A lot of us tend to have our guard down when in a parking lot because we are of the assumption that nothing could go wrong on account of the strict speed limits as well as available security provided in these spaces. This false sense of security can lead many to make poor decisions regarding their safety and the safety of others in ways we’ll take a look at shortly.

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Main Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents today. The enclosed space one finds themselves in as they prepare to leave or enter a parking lot area may tempt many to glance down at their phone or fiddle with the radio, to their detriment. What many drivers don’t seem to realize is that other motorists may be doing the same thing, leading to an increased likelihood for accidents to occur. Other forms of driver distraction that play into parking lot accidents include eating and drinking, chatting with friends in the car or on the phone, or grooming oneself in preparation to go into the building.

Types of Injuries in Parking Lot Accidents

When it comes to parking lot accidents, most collisions are due to low speeds. However, this doesn’t mean that injuries, regardless of the fact that they won’t be fatal, won’t be severe. Parking lot accidents have been shown to end in contusions, whiplash, concussions and even bone fractures. Pedestrians or anyone else not inside a vehicle are more likely to suffer serious injuries due to the likelihood of being trapped between a wall and a moving car or being rolled over while crossing the thoroughfare or feeder lanes.

How To Determine Fault in Parking Lot Accidents

When it comes to determining fault in a Chicago parking lot accident, the courts will consider a principle called right-of-way as well as the individual who violated it, and the actions preceding the accident. Evidence from police reports, video and photograph evidence as well as security camera footage will all be used to determine fault, and this is something we can help you in compiling so we can build a strong case on your behalf. Lastly, please note that fault may be shared amongst two or more parties, and one may be eligible for a number of damages as long as it can be proven that negligence was a proximate cause of the injuries suffered.

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