Permanent Disability for Postal Worker – A Quick and Easy Guide

Getting injured as a federal worker can throw your world in disarray. On top of that, federal jobs such as USPS letter carrier positions are fraught with risks that it’s almost a given that at one point in your career, you may have to contend with a serious injury. Permanent disability is a more extreme form of postal worker injury which complicates the compensation process in ways we’ll take a look at shortly.

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In order to be considered as having suffered a permanent disability, FECA states that you must have suffered the loss of both feet, arms, hands, legs or the eyesight of both eyes. Having said that, just because you have one set of these injuries doesn’t mean that you’re considered totally or permanently disabled; this is because some postal workers may still be able to work despite these injuries. As a result, those who can may be asked to attend rehabilitation exercises or have them reemployed within the same agency in departments where the loss of limbs or eyesight don’t pose a problem with regard to the performance of work duties.

OWCP Doctor is Vital In The Compensation Process

Another requirement you must meet in order to qualify for postal employee  permanent disability benefits, is that you must have a physician carry out an evaluation to certify the same. Schedule awards usually come before this proclamation (of total disability); therefore, they may continue until such a time that the schedule award period ends after which compensation for total and permanent disability can resume.

Now, it is important to note that the length of the disability award will hinge on the body parts injured. In addition, even if you had a pre-existing injury which caused the loss of use of a body function or limb or organ, you may still be entitled to injured postal worker benefits.

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