Personal Injury Terms You Must Know About

Chances are, this is the first time that you’re dealing with personal injury attorneys due to an injury you’ve sustained on account of another individual or commercial entity’s negligence. The law is a wide subject and there’s so much to learn, but as a layman, knowing some of the terms that you’ll hear being bandied about in your personal injury case will really help you when it comes to understanding what’s happening as well as keep you up to speed on the progress of your case so you’re not left in the dark with anxiety and doubt regarding the whole process of litigation or negotiation.

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Here are some of the terms you’ll hear being thrown back and forth by your attorneys:

  1. Claim

This refers to civil action taken by you, the injured individual as you seek to recover compensation. The claim encompasses the exact negligence, malice or reckless actions that the defendant took, causing your injuries. It is important to understand that a claim is not a lawsuit, as insurance companies will engage your attorneys in order to settle a claim before it ever makes it way to the courts.

  1. Damages

These are monies that plaintiff or an injured individual is entitled to as compensation due to the harmful or negligent act perpetrated by the defendant. Damages are legally used to make you, the injured part, whole by ensuring that your expenses, legal fees, therapy costs, lost wages are taken care of so there are no loose ends.

  1. Discovery

This is a legal process that is typically done at the beginning of a claim which seeks to compel both parties to disclose all the information they have regarding the claim. For instance, a slip and fall accident at Burger King may require that the fast-food place relinquish their CCTV camera footage, information on workers, incident reports and so on. Usually, discovery precedes a court trial.

  1. Proximate Cause

This refers to the legal principle that the defendant or at-fault party’s actions must be directly responsible for the accident that led to your injuries. That is, had it not been for their actions, then your injury wouldn’t have happened

  1. Deposition

This refers to a process whereby both parties provide sworn oral statements and are subjected to questioning by the other party’s legal representatives. This usually happens in a closed conference room, and only the parties being deposed are present, and no-one else.

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