PFAS Contamination Class Action Lawsuits – Do You Qualify?

Chemical contamination is on the rise, and various states have come together to file class action lawsuits after a group of chemicals said to be present in our water systems were shown to lead to an increase in testicular and other cancers, ulcerative colitis, immune system disorders and cognitive issues. Forever chemicals, as they are more commonly known, are a group of plastic polymer based chemicals that fall under the acronym PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances that were accidentally discovered in the 1930s when scientists were investigating the chemical reactions caused by combining two chemicals such as chlorine and carbon. To date, PFAS has been detected in ground water, and is used as Teflon and other forms of coating that are ostensibly used to repel water and oil.

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PFAS exposure can happen in a number of ways:

  1. Consuming city council water as groundwater is heavily contaminated with the compound
  2. Working at a farm as some pesticide use these plastic-based compounds to repel diseases
  3. Individuals working in chrome plating, oil recovering and electronics manufacturing factories
  4. Firefighters as the foam they use is heavily tainted with PFAS
  5. Those serving in the military as many military installations have been shown to be contaminated
  6. Food grown in areas where the water is contaminated by PFAS e.g. in California

Forever Chemicals and Cancer

PFAS are known as “forever chemicals” as they are impervious to breaking down on account of the unusually strong bonds formed by the compounds, making their effects on the body truly alarming. As they accumulate in different parts of the body, they end up causing mutations which turn into cancers over time as well as a variety of autoimmune diseases. PFAS class action lawsuits are naturally the way to go to get industries still manufacturing these toxic chemicals to listen.

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