Will Platooning Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

Automation is applied in almost every industry that processes a large amount of information these days, and the trucking industry is not exempt. Truck accidents in Northwest Indiana can be serious events due to the sheer sizes and weights of these vehicles in relation to those driven by your average family guy. It is estimated that over 4,000 individuals die every year across the country due to injuries sustained in truck accidents. New technology out of a California company is hoping to tone this number down and make our roads that much safer for all.

What is Truck Platooning?

Platooning is a relatively new form of transport technology that allows two trucks to travel in tandem, with the drivers of these vehicles still being able to steer should they need to. This type of technology relays information about the wind, truck fuel consumption, traffic stats and any other variables to an electronic command center which then makes a decision on how fast or slow these trucks should move.

How Truck Accidents Happen

Truck accidents are usually hard to mitigate due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Any large mass moving at a certain speed will not come to a complete stop at the drop of a hat, especially just before an accident, because they will have to dissipate the energy from their momentum in a certain way. Platooning allows trucks to react to a near-accident situation in micro-seconds, something which may help drivers take control of the truck should they need to in a timely manner. If two trucks are traveling in a convoy on the same stretch of road, the one in front will brake in the same way as the one at the back, creating a synchronicity that will help prevent a multi-car accident.

Truck Platooning in the US

Several states such as Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Iowa are moving forward with legislation that will make truck platooning a reality in just a few months to a year. Having said that, there’s a long way to go in making our Indiana roads safe for all and truck drivers are advised not to engage in distracted or intoxicated driving while on the job.

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