Porch railing collapse

McCready Law has been retained to represent an individual who fell as the result of a rotten porch railing collapse. Our client was a renter in a two flat apartment with exterior wooden stairs leading to a small landing at his back apartment door. As our client was walking up the stairs with groceries, he stumbled and fell toward the porch landing. The porch railings were rotten and gave way under his wait. The rusted screws remained in the porch after the railing pulled away due to the rotten wood. Our client fell fifteen feet, landing on his hip. The fall caused a fracture of his pelvis and will require a long rehabilitation period. Unfortunately, this is not the first case involving a fall from a rotten porch railing. Less common, but still a danger, is a total porch collapse. Many people will remember the tragedy of 2003 which claimed the lives of 12 people in Lincoln Park. McCready Law urge you to do an inspection of any wooden porch, including backyard decks. A fall from any height presents a serious risk of injury. If you have questions regarding an injury resulting from a defective porch, railing or deck, please contact us at 773-779-9885.