Power Lineman Injuries – Read This First Before Filing a Claim

Linemen working atop power lines put their lives on the line to make sure that we have a steady supply of electricity at all times. They are also charged with the responsibility of repairing said lines, removing debris that may impede the proper flow of electricity as well as putting up electrical infrastructure to replace broken or worn out wiring and poles. Workmen typically work on live power lines that have electricity flowing along them, making it among one of the seven most dangerous jobs in the country, despite all the protective gear they don in order to prevent electrocution or falls.

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Here are some of the risks that can lead to power linemen injuries:

  • Code violations: Your supervisor may choose not to adhere to safety regulations before sending you up a pole to do some repairs or install something. By doing this and ignoring OSHA regulations, they put your life at risk. While it is inconvenient to follow these safety regulations, ignoring or rushing through them may cause severe injuries to power linemen workers.
  • Lack of proper safety gear: utility companies must make sure that you have the needed equipment in order to work safely atop power lines. If they are worn out, they must be replaced, and if they are missing, they should not send you on a job until the needed gear is available.
  • Electrical injury is an unfortunate but preventable reality when it comes to this profession. This can be caused by poor work supervision and coordination between you the worker and your supervisor who may neglect to give you the needed signals that all is safe and that you can approach a high voltage area.

Power Linemen Injuries

Power linemen injuries can be extensive and catastrophic owing to the different variables present at the time of the accident which can become compounded, leading to multiple injuries that may affect different organ systems. For example, electrocution may cause electrical burns which are not only excruciatingly painful, but they can also cause second to third degree burns that may necessitate surgeries and multiple skin grafts. If you fall off an electric pole while working due to defective or worn out work gear, you may suffer internal injuries such as a lacerated liver, punctured lung, traumatic brain injury and broken bones and fractures.

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Power lineman injuries are expensive and extensive. You may suffer brain injuries and burns which may leave you with scarring, neurological disorders and mobility problems which will permanently change your life. You may choose, together with your electrician injury attorney, to bring forth a number of claims in order to recover compensation such as deliberate intent, product liability or third party claims depending on who was at fault.

These cases require a high burden of proof so it’s important to choose a lineman accidents attorney who has the requisite experience arguing these types of cases in front of a judge or jury. Not sure where to start? Simply pick up your phone and call us TODAY at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.