Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Not only must they deliver their loads on time, but frequently, their paychecks are dependent upon how much time they are actually driving. As a result, truck drivers have the incentive to drive as many hours as are legally allowed, which can lead to driver fatigue. The reason why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) are in place is to help minimize driver fatigue while still allowing drivers to complete their transportation loads.

It is important for both drivers and employers to understand what measures to take to prevent truck driver fatigue. In many cases, these may be mandated by state or federal law. This should help reduce the risk of a personal injury lawsuit.

What Types of Accidents Are Common With Fatigued Drivers?

A fatigued truck driver does not have the reaction time or attention required to operate such a dangerous motor vehicle. Accidents usually involve failure to stop in response to traffic or failure to obey a traffic control device. The fatigue of the driver is a contributing factor to the accident and it is likely that the accident would have been prevented if they were fully alert.

The FMCSR governs the amount of time a truck driver is allowed to operate a truck, and the time which they must rest or be out of service. These guidelines have been developed based on scientific evidence. Truck drivers have participated in many long-term studies which indicate the level of fatigue which occurs at different times. While some people under certain circumstances may not feel fatigued, the guidelines are meant for most truck drivers.

Avoiding or Combatting Tired Driving

The best way to combat driver fatigue is to drive within the allowable hours under the FMCSR. However, even if a driver is within the allowable time for driving, fatigue may still set in. It is common for a truck driver suffering from fatigue to either take a short rest or get a boost of energy with a cup of coffee, energy drink, or energy supplement.

Perhaps most importantly, employers must be active and vocal about following federal regulations and mandating breaks when they are required.

Learn More About Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue

Preventing truck driver fatigue is not only about preventing injuries and saving lives – employers have a financial incentive to follow the rules and avoid liability for any crash that occurs.

If you were hurt because a trucker was overtired while on the job, you should call the trusted truck accident attorneys at McCready Law and learn what you need to do to get the compensation you deserve.